The Assault Weapon Fairy Tale

The fairy tale  goes something like this . . .

Once upon a time, a big, black, scary-looking semi-automatic assault weapon lived in the deep dark woods.  Every day, he would prowl the paths looking for victims.  One day, a sweet, innocent, dainty little girl with a posh red-hooded cape happened along carrying a basket full of organic, grain-free healthy goodness for her ailing grandmother.  The big, black, scary-looking assault weapon shot the girl.  The end.

It’s a fairy tale the pro gun control lobby loves to tell. However, it’s just a fairy tale.  The big, black, scary-looking assault weapon is an inanimate object. It does not live in the woods, it does not prowl, it does not shoot.  Only a person can live somewhere, do something, and pull a trigger.

I could just as easily rewrite their fairy tale and replace the antagonist with an aluminum baseball bat, a finely crafted carbon steel steak knife, or a pair of fists.  However, those other antagonists don’t make for good media coverage.  They aren’t as scary looking as a rifle with lots of extra black molding and a pistol grip.  Those other antagonists don’t elicit an emotional response.

Here’s how the fairy tale should go . . .

Once upon a time, a person was walking in the woods carrying an assault weapon.  He came upon a group of bird watchers in a clearing searching for the Red-whiskered Bulbul.  He pulls his weapon, aims it towards the bird watchers, and prepares to do the unthinkable. One of the bird watchers espies him at a distance aiming the weapon.  The bird watcher notifies the others of the man with the weapon.  The man with the assault weapon opens fire. One of the other bird watchers pulls out his legally owned self defense weapon and ends the confrontation immediately. An untold number of lives are saved and everyone spared an early death lives happily ever after. The end.

However, if the gun control lobby gets its way, that man with the legally owned self defense weapon wouldn’t be armed and the tragedy would have unfolded with a large number of lives lost.  Every time I hear about these massive shootings in gun-free zones I can’t help but think how differently things might have ended and how many lives might have been saved had there been one hero in the crowd who knew how to shoot and was armed to do so.

I have lots of friends who used to be anti-gun but who at one time found themselves in a precarious position.  One of them was the victim of a break-in.  One of them was mugged on a city street.  One of them had a friend die in a shooting.  They all now own a gun (legally I might add).  They realize how owning a gun and being prepared can help you rewrite the ending of the fairy tale.  They no longer are willing to be victims.  None of us should be willing to be victims.  The gov’t shouldn’t be writing the end of the story for us good guys.


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