Worshiping Michelle Obama’s Hair

The list of offensive aspects of the White House Correspondence Dinner (#WHCD) is long.  It’s the D.C. version of the Hollywood celebrity award shows. And based upon some of the pictures I saw, it’s just as vapid.  Look at the list of invitees and it’s more about celebrities than journalism.  It gives important people (or self-important as the case may be) an opportunity to gather together, wear very expensive clothes, and give awards to each other.  Give me enough time and a nice cup of coffee and I’ll gladly share my thoughts on what all bugs me about those events.

I had a late dinner at a restaurant last night and I caught snippets of the live coverage on one of their TVs.  I originally thought the woman who sat there looking at her cell phone while the National Anthem was being played to be the most patently offensive thing about the event.  I’m glad a camera operator focused on her. Then again, he probably lost his job this morning. I hope all of America was as disheartened as I was at the sight of a woman on her phone. If the need to be on her phone wasn’t an emergency, and by that I mean life and limb instead of a hot news lead, her behavior was unacceptable.

I didn’t discover the thing I now find most offensive until after it was over, when I arrived home and stopped to read the Twitter feed for #WHCD and watched the news.

What do I now find to be the most offensive thing? The obsession with Michelle Obama’s hair.  I’m no fan of Michelle, but I can’t believe a political party of self-proclaimed “feminists” would go so gaga over a woman’s hair style.

I thought her hair looked nice. Then again, it’s normal to find nice hair on any spouse of a world leader when attending a formal event. A pony tail and a baseball cap just wouldn’t have been appropriate. Even though I thought her hair looked nice, it’s just hair.

But don’t expect the same attitude from liberal women.  For a bunch of ladies who demand judgment based upon their insides instead of their outsides, there is a hell of a lot of hubbub and hysteria over her “big and curly” look.

Type “michelle obama hair white house correspondents dinner 2015” into Google and you get over 17 million results.   Seriously, folks? Seventeen MILLION?

It’s insane. Liberal women are asking if big curly hair is now back in style since Michelle wore it. Liberal women are saying Michelle was brave to take a risk with her hair. (Seriously? Selecting a hair style is an act of bravery?) Liberal women are wondering if it’s now OK to wear big curls gain.  Web sites are saying to expect to see women with Michelle’s hair style at the office by Monday! Where the hell are all the feminists?  Articles on web sites are calling her a “wonder woman” and saying she is “utter perfection” – because of her hair. Seriously, where are the feminists shooting down this appearance-based slobbering?

Here’s my response:

Dear liberal women: You do not need to wait for Michelle Obama to wear a certain hair style in order to wear it yourself. You are a woman. You can wear your hair any damn way you please. You do not need permission from an inhabitant of the white house. I can’t believe you’re asking if it’s now ok to wear “big and curly” hair.  If you feel you need someone else to approve of hair styles . . . you are pathetic.  This is what’s wrong with you liberal women. You say you’re independent then you look to someone in government, fashion, or entertainment to give you permission to look a certain way. Where are your feminists? I’m sure they’re out there, they’re just drowing in a sea of headlines proclaiming things like “Everyone’s in Love With The First Lady’s New Curls!” and “Michelle Obama Dons Curly Hair” and “Michelle Obama Looks Fierce”.  What is wrong with you people? A nice hair style is not the final piece of being a real world “wonder woman” and it does not contribute to being “utter perfection”. You liberal women stay on your side of the fence and keep drooling over a hair style I bet was created by a stylist only affordable by the rich and famous.  You liberal women stay on your side of the fence and keep asking if you can now wear your hair a certain way because the first lady donned it for an event.  You liberal women stay on your side of the fence where you accuse conservatives of waging a war on women when you liberals obsess over what a woman wears on her head. I’ll stay over here on the conservative side of the fence where women don’t need permission or inspiration from politicians and celebrities to decide how to wear our hair.  I’ll stay over here on the conservative side of the fence where women can acknowledge Michelle looked nice last night and leave it at that. Love, Me

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