Let’s Outlaw All Holidays – Here’s Why

If you haven’t heard, Columbus Day is no longer politically correct. Instead of schools using the holiday to teach kids about EXPLORATION, they are using it to teach kids about EXPLOITATION. According to the video my daughter was assigned to watch at home, Columbus was a selfish, greedy, money-driven, privileged, white-skinned killer who only wanted to make a fast buck by abusing his connections to European power and murdering dark-skinned indigenous American peoples. Being of both European and Indigenous American descent, I am not taking sides on this. I can see it from both directions. Personally, I don’t have a problem with Columbus Day.

That said, in order to facilitate the eventual departure from all politically incorrect holidays, I suggest we just get on with it and change everything immediately. Here are my recommendations:

New Year’s Day: This is politically incorrect because not all cultures consider January 1 to be the first of the new year. In fact, the entire 12-month calendar we use is politically incorrect because not all cultures use it. I suggest we just end this holiday entirely and return all peoples to to the use of myriad calendars. There are lots to pick from so let’s not pick any one calendar over any other because that would be offensive to some subset of the human race. Let the Jews use their own calendar. Let the Chinese use their own calendar. Let the Muslims use their own calendar. And in the interest of reparations for past calendar discrimination, I vote we resurrect the use of all obsolete calendars. I’m sure there are people just itching to use an Egyptian, Aztec, or Roman calendar.

And don’t worry if a particular calendar isn’t accurate by modern standards. If I’ve learned anything from my children’s new Common Core-based homework, it’s that things no longer need to be correct. They just need to be “reasonable”. I’m sure all of the 75 or so current, obsolete, and proposed calendars I was able to find through Google have something “reasonable” to offer. If nothing else, I’m sure the people at Microsoft are looking for a challenge. I can’t wait to see how they modify their Outlook product to handle all of these calendars. Scheduling meetings will be half-day adventure. Woo hoo! Viva political correctness.

Martin Luther King, Day: I don’t have a problem with this day because the guy was a Republican and that pisses off liberals when they learn of that little tidbit of information.  Wait, I do have a problem with this holiday.  While he did do things lots of people appreciate, he was just another American fighting for what he thought was right.  We can’t go around giving holidays to all the people who fight for what they think is right.  We can’t go around giving holidays to all the people who did great things.  We’d run out of days on the calendar and nobody would ever go to work.  What about Ben Franklin, Rosa Parks, Thomas Paine, Susan B Anthony, Thomas Edison, General Patton, Elvis Presley, etc. I think you get my point.  There are too many people to recognize.  Let’s outlaw all holidays designed to honor and celebrate any single American.  It’s offensive to the ones who don’t get their own holiday or to the people for whom their favorite person does not get a holiday. I think I’m pretty special. I want my own holiday.  See?  I just offended someone with that idea.

Groundhog Day: Let’s just end this blatant display of materialism and chicanery.  This is nothing but a ploy to bring tourists and media to a small town in western Pennsylvania.  Who in their right mind believes the groundhog “sees” a shadow? Besides, the whole thing is oppressive. The “Inner Circle” is a bunch of old white MALE “dignitaries” standing around in top hats exploiting a rodent for their own personal profit. I seriously don’t see how this can be allowed to go on for one more year. It’s despicable.  Where is the feminist and environmentalist outrage?

Valentine’s Day: What can I say here? It’s offensive on so many levels. For starters, it celebrates Christianity.  This was originally the Feast of Saint Valentine.  That’s a deal breaker right there. Christianity is inherently politically incorrect. I could stop right here.  But let’s continue.  A historical symbol of Valentine’s Day is Cupid, the Roman god of desire, erotic love, attraction and affection. Surely that offends Christians to know a Roman god is a key figure for their feast day.  Plus, let’s be honest here, a winged infant is definitely indicative of some form child abuse. Someone better call Child Protective Services. Also, this holiday is offensive to all single people and people not in a romantic relationship.  Whether they are single by choice or single because they are annoying or single because they just haven’t met their true love . . . it’s detrimental to their self esteem to be excluded by a holiday.  Last, but not least, the pro-capitalism, materialism is offensive. All that money spent on cards, flowers, dinners, and jewelry should be given to the government so they can spend it on important things like giving it to our enemies in foreign countries.

Presidents’ Day: This is an easy one to end.  I find the idea of celebrating a holiday that celebrates the likes of Obama to be offensive.  I know liberals find the idea of celebrating a holiday that celebrates the likes of Bush to be offensive.  Done. Remember all those mentally frail individuals who suffer mental anguish after Presidential elections? Some of whom actually seek medical treatment and/or sue? Let’s just save them the agony and not have them relive those moments.

Mardi Gras: It’s related to Christianity. It’s politically incorrect. Let’s move on.

St. Patrick’s Day: Yet another holiday linked to Christianity. Ergo, politically incorrect by default.  Plus, it appears to celebrate a single pale-skinned ,European group of peoples.  That’s also politically incorrect and offensive to everyone who is not Irish.  Additionally, many individuals who celebrate do so with drinking beer.  Too much drink can lead to questionable behavior and someone might be offended by what someone says or does.  Because someone might be offended, we might as well cancel this holiday right now. No need to take risks.

April Fool’s Day: I suggest we keep this one. It’s a great day for Obama supporters to celebrate themselves.

Easter: Considered by many to be the most holy of Christian holidays. Totally offensive just because of that. As the Atheists ask, “why do you people insist on celebrating a fairy tale?”  Plus, the pagans are still pissed off because Christians stole the Oester name from the Norse peoples. I’m sure Michelle Obama would love to see an end of all the chocolate bunnies, sugary peeps, and jelly beans (if for no reason other than Ronald Reagan liked them).  It doesn’t take a village to raise a child these days, it takes an oppressive and intrusive government.  I’m sure the artificial grass pisses off the environmentalists, too.  I bet it takes forever to degrade.

Earth Day: We need to keep this one because how can saving the earth possibly be offensive to anyone? Oh, yeah, it offends me when they take away my incandescent bulbs and want them replaced with toxic fluorescent bulbs that make my eyes feel wonky.  It also offends me when they take my hard earned tax dollars and give them to some fly by night “green” energy company with friends in high places.  However, my opinion doesn’t matter because I’m a fiscally conservative, social libertarian. I’m not a progressive or a socialist or a communist so I’m not allowed to have an opinion on environmental issues. In fact, because I am a “climate change denier”; many liberals think I need to be put in jail or at least sent to a reeducation camp. (I’m not kidding.)

Mother’s Day: There are people with crappy mothers.  This day makes them feel depressed.  This day offends them. Time to outlaw it.

Memorial Day: This day celebrates people who died fighting to further the western ideals of freedom. So, it’s totally offensive to so many people.  This day celebrates people who died fighting against the exact type of socialism and communism our current day liberals are fighting so hard to expand in the USA.  So, it’s totally offensive to so many people. Definitely needs to be ended.  Liberals consider this a celebration of pure oppression and exploitation and hatred for other peoples. I know several liberals who use this day to berate the “US war machine”.  I can’t believe liberals still allow this to be considered a holiday.

Father’s Day: See, Mother’s Day, above.  This is even more offensive due to the large number of kids growing up without a father. Instead of fixing that problem, let’s just outlaw this holiday because we don’t want so many kids feeling excluded.

Independence Day: Perhaps the most offensive non-Christian holiday on the calendar.  A holiday that celebrates exceptionalism, patriotism, and freedom.  Liberals would rather this be changed to “Dependence Day” in honor of all the entitlement programs, multi-generation welfare families, and government employee unions.  Instead of “God Bless America” the tag line will now be “God Damn America” in honor of Obama’s pastor. American flags are now considered offensive and politically incorrect. Better to change it to a hammer and sickle before someone’s feelings get hurt.

Labor Day: Liberals love this celebration of socialism, communism, and unions. We’ll never get rid of this day. Ever.

Halloween:  I know a lot of Christians who have already outlawed this celebration at their houses. They consider it a gateway to the occult.  Personally, I love Halloween.  Then again, this holiday has links to Christianity.  It is the start of Allhallowtide.  We better outlaw it, just to be safe. We don’t want to offend anyone.  Christianity is totally politically incorrect.

Veteran’s Day: This day conjures up similar complaints as Memorial day.  This celebrates our military.  Many liberals consider our military to be a male-dominated, war machine that takes money from the mouths of welfare babies.  It needs to be outlawed.

Thanksgiving: This makes a lot of liberals mad for the same reasons they don’t like Columbus Day. Liberals consider Thanksgiving to be a celebration of pale-skin fueled genocide.  Sit down with a hard core liberal feminist and they’ll tell you John Smith was a child molester when it came to Pocahontas.  Don’t forget the mental anguish PETA people experience when all of those turkeys are slaughtered so oppressed women around the country can slave all day while their oppressor husbands watch politically incorrect sports with exploited cheerleaders.  Some liberals insist we rename it “National Ethnic Cleansing Day”. Not kidding.  Let’s end this before someone gets hurt.  As a final note, the whole “Black Friday” pisses off liberals because a) it uses the word “black” in an arguably negative way and b) it celebrates materialism and capitalism.

Christmas: I don’t even need to go there. It’s so patently politically incorrect. It goes without saying. It needs to be outlawed.  Immediately.  Reparations should probably be paid to to all peoples who do not celebrate this holiday.

So, there you go.  Every holiday needs to be outlawed because somewhere there is at least one thin-skinned, mentally fragile individual who will find a reason to find it offensive. Let’s do it by Executive Order. Yeah. That’s the answer.

Would someone please tell Michelle Obama to stop talking about school lunches until her kids eat like the kids at government run schools?

I am so tired of Michelle Obama’s school lunch preaching. All across this country kids and parents are complaining.  Federal food standards for government run schools are a horrible disaster.  When her kids eat the same lousy foods my kids get served, then I might care to listen to what she has to say.  I decided to compare five days of lunches at A) my kids’ government run school where I pay a ton in school taxes and that doesn’t even cover their lunch and B) the swanky, posh private school where the Obama girls go to get educated (when they’re not traipsing with their mom on swanky, posh vacations).  On a side note, I can’t have my kids out of school more than five days per school year w/out being threatened with legal action; how do they get away with all those vacations? Never mind. Liberals play by different rules than the rest of us. If nothing more, my kids’ Common Core-based curriculum has reconfirmed to me that everything is relative in their world. But I digress . . . here, for your comparison, are the lunch menus.  Talk about inequality!

menu comparison 3


No, they are not human rights. Sorry.

A FB friend posted the following status:

Universal access to healthcare, education, water and food are essential human rights.  Agree or disagree?  Those who disagree please tell me which of your children will serve as tribute in the next hunger games?

Here is my response:

A right is something that is inherent in being a human being. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights. Healthcare and education are not human rights because they cannot be obtained w/out demanding them from another. If I have to force someone (wither the provider or the taxpayer) to give me those things/services without paying for them myself they can’t be rights. I can’t force a doctor to fix me nor can I can’t force a person to teach me. The last two are not human rights, however, the right to access to those things are human rights. I have no right to demand someone give me water nor can I demand someone give me food. However, I should have every right to obtain them whether I shop at a store or hunt in the woods. Healthcare, education, water, and food are not human rights in and of themselves. They are goods and services to be exchanged, quid pro quo for something of value. Don’t get me wrong, I support a lot of charities because I think people need help obtaining these goods and services. But, they are not rights. To make them rights would be to allow others to be forced/coerced to provide them at the expense of others or by having the goods or services paid for by people not in receipt of the goods or services. That is tantamount to slavery and is why every institution of communism has eventually failed.

When Liberals Take Over Christmas

In case you haven’t been listening or paying attention, liberals are proudly boasting their insistence that they have taken over the USA, a conservative will NEVER again be elected to POTUS, and they are now empowered to continue (unabated and uncontested) the “fundamental” transformation of our country.  While liberals dream of a third term for their savior, Obama; I can’t help but wonder how the Christmas holiday will change if (God forbid) those “in your face” liberals are correct.  Here’s what I envision.

  1. Santa will be shutdown for myriad reasons. First, he’s a rich, old, white, male.  According to most liberal stereotypes, that means he’s probably a Republican.  Second, he lives in an area where they think global warming is making an impact.  They must control that land so he’ll need to be ousted by eminent domain. Third, if he can’t be ousted due his mere presence in that part of the world, he’ll be ousted for his carbon footprint. Those elf-run factories must have one hell of a carbon footprint. Fourth, speaking of carbon footprints, Santa is known to leave coal for bad kids. Obama wants the coal industry decimated. What better way than to shut down one of the big coal users? Fifth, Santa is notorious for his flabby, “bowl full of jelly” physique. I’m sure Michelle Obama will shut him down as a poor role model for today’s youth.  Sixth, I’m pretty certain Santa’s workshops are not regulated by OSHA.  Seventh, I like to believe Santa’s workshops are not yet unionized. I’m sure the liberals can make that happen. Resulting in unsustainable Santa-funded pensions and benefits leaving nothing left to make toys for the good little boys and girls. Leading to an eventual shut-down. Eighth, I have proof Santa has, for many years, given toy and real firearms to people as gifts. That will be unacceptable. I could go on and on . . . but you get the point.
  2. Rudolph will be jailed for using an incandescent bulb.
  3. Lights on houses will be outlawed because they waste electricity.  If not completely outlawed, the government will require them to be attached to a Smart Grid so they can decide when the lights are allowed to be turned on and off.
  4. Christmas as a government-endorsed holiday will end because the holiday has a basis in the Christian religion. No more day’s off of work. You’ll need to take vacation.
  5. Gift shopping will become regulated. Only local, fair-trade, green, organic, and/or sustainable items will be available for purchase.  Shopping at Wal-Mart will become strictly prohibited (unless, of course, they unionize).
  6. People who celebrate Christmas will be taxed.  Probably to off-set the union contracted triple overtime or something like that for government personnel who have to work that day.
  7. Fresh cut Christmas trees will be outlawed because of the impact to the ozone. Regardless of how sustainably they are farmed and harvested.
  8. The trend towards outlawing red and green in public schools will become a national mandate (probably by an executive order Obama passes). I’m not making this one up. It’s already happening. Google it.
  9. Stockings will no longer be allowed to hang by the chimney.  That presents a fire hazard.
  10. Candy canes will be outlawed because sucking on them can result in a viciously sharp point.  That point can be used to harm someone.  Schools will hang up “Candy Cane Free Zone” signs to make sure they don’t make it onto school grounds.
  11. All old family heirloom decorations will be confiscated.  They might have lead or other dangerous chemicals if they were produced before the government started to meddle in everything.
  12. Five-pointed stars will be outlawed because they discriminate against Jewish people who embrace the six-pointed star.  Unless, of course, it is a red star which is a communist-embraced symbol.
  13. All Christmas carols and songs will be rewritten by Obama speech writers.  “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” will become “Goddess Rest Ye Merry Gentle Folk”, “Good King Wenceslas” will become “Bad Oppressor Republican”, “Frosty the Snowman” will become “Frosty the Snowperson”, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” will become “I’m Dreaming of a Multi-ethnic Holiday”, “We Three Kings” will become “We Three Union Bosses”, “Little Drummer Boy” will become “Vertically Challenged Drummer Youth”, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, will become “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”, you get the point.
  14. Snowmen will be outlawed for two reasons. First, the term SnowMEN is offensive to feminists. Second, the existence of snowmen brings into question the existence of global warming and we wouldn’t want anyone to question that “settled science”.
  15. Use of the words peace and  peaceful will be restricted so they can only be uttered publicly when describing the thugs (sorry, the wonderful humanitarians) at the UN or the Occupy Wall Street people.
  16. Hot cocoa will be outlawed because the cocoa beans might come from countries where they oppress their workers.
  17. Children will no longer be able to leave cookies and milk out for Santa (assuming he hasn’t already been outlawed). Home baked cookies are not subject to government regulation and the milk might be raw milk.  Also, these might accidentally be seen and consumed by a robber who would then be able to sue the homeowners for creating an attractive nuisance.
  18. Gingerbread houses will be outlawed unless they meet all building codes, are union built, and are eligible for Section 8.
  19. All of the “Elf on the Self” elves must approved by the NSA and join a public employee union because only the government is allowed to spy on you and your family.
  20. Letters to Santa (assuming he hasn’t already been outlawed) will be prohibited because of the unnecessary burden on the US Postal Service.

There. That’s twenty. I know there are more.  Fee free to add your own ideas in the comments.

P.S. Ho ho ho . . . and Merry Christmas a little early.

I do not like green eggs and ham, I do not like this Common Core plan


In my daughter’s homework a few weeks ago, she had to do addition and subtraction of four-digit numbers.  Part of her assignment (per the workbook) was to CHECK her work.  The workbook said it was OK to use rounding to determine if her answers were REASONABLE.  The workbook did not say to check to make sure her answers were CORRECT.

Here’s an example: If you add 1,111 and 7,777 you get 8,8888.  According to the workbook, to check your work, you round to the thousands.  So, you add 1,000 and 8,000 to get 9,000.  Since 8,888 rounds to 9,000 it’s good enough.  Any answer from 8,500 to 9,499 would be considered reasonable according to the workbook.


I told my daughter, in our house we check our work the old fashioned way.  We make sure the answer is CORRECT.  I made her go back and check her work using the real method to make sure her answers were CORRECT.  Making sure your answer is REASONABLE is what will get you fired in the real world.  I can’t wait until we get bridge engineers doing truss calculations and being happy when the calculations are REASONABLE instead of CORRECT.

I am perfectly fine with kids being taught how to estimate by rounding.  I am not OK with my daughter being told rounding is an acceptable way to check your work.  REASONABLE IS NOT OK.  This “feel good” math is a disaster.

Here’s a photo of the same crap in my son’s math workbook.

common core

P.S. Let me reiterate.  I am 100% in favor of teaching kids to round numbers (preferably the common way most of us learned and not they way they taught my daughter to do it for checking her work).  I just don’t think rounding to check your work is acceptable.  I’m sorry, but “reasonable” is not correct and that doesn’t constitute a check in my world.  Rounding is a great way to estimate mow much money you need to take to the grocery store. Rounding is not a great way to make sure your answer is correct.

Deck the Halls (for Democrats) – I wrote this a while ago

deck the halls

A Holiday Carol

Annoy all the world, Obama’s come!
Let libs receive their king;
Let bleeding hearts preach doom and gloom,
As takers and leeches sing,
As takers and leeches sing,
As takers and takers and leeches sing,

Annoy all the world, Obama reigns!
Let men their lies employ;
While thugs with clubs, spread hate and blame,
Deceit kowtow destroy,
Deceit kowtow destroy,
Deceit, deceit, kowtow destroy,

He views our world with brute disgrace,
And makes our nations lose,
The stories of his libelousness,
And blunders hurt our gov,
And blunders hurt our gov,
And blunders, his blunders hurt our gov,

Barack Obama : Most Ignorant Leader Of All Time?

You need to read this blog: Barack Obama : Most Ignorant Leader Of All Time?.

The Constitution Should Not Be Conditional Based Upon Technology

I run into people, liberals and (perhaps most regrettably) conservatives, who shrug their shoulders when I my voice concern over unconstitutional government spying on things such as email, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, phone calls, text messages, Skype interactions, and other electronic forms of communications. For some inexplicable reason, they don’t seem very concerned since it’s all based upon electronics.

However, when I ask them if they’d be OK with a federal agent demanding to sit down with them and their best friend as they share coffee and conversation at a Panera restaurant, they all say it would not be acceptable.

If I ask them if they’d be OK with a federal agent opening every piece of mail they send just to see if there’s anything interesting written inside, they all say it would not be acceptable.

When I ask if it would be ok to have federal agents barge into their houses and listen to every conversation between the members of their family, they all say it would not be acceptable.

After asking if they would be offended to find a federal agent in the back seat of their car, listening to their cell phone conversations, they all say it would not be acceptable.

When I ask the same individuals to explain how those three examples are different from the current invasions of privacy we are experiencing, they all wake up and realize there really isn’t any difference.  But when I then ask them what they’re going to do about it, the typical responses are things like, “there’s nothing I can do about”, “it is what it is”, and “it’s not right but I can’t give up my cell phone or my Internet”.

The Constitution memorializes our inherent rights. The Constitution does not carve out unwritten exceptions to those rights.  The Constitution does not have waivers for certain types of technologies.

Tell me in your comments . . . what makes so many people not care when the government spying is done “electronically” and not “in person”?

Here We Go Again . . .

First of all, I can’t believe Americans are even discussing the right to bear arms.  If people are too thick-skulled to read the Constitution in a rational manner, that’s their problem.  I don’t have a reading problem but I do have limited tolerance for liberal idiocy.

I love liberals who claim the Second Amendment only pertains to hunting guns. Um, no. Our founders wouldn’t have wasted their time protecting our rights to hunting guns. That was a given.  Plus, if they wanted to protect hunting, they would have said something like, “the right to have a gun to shoot dinner shouldn’t be restricted”.  I don’t think the inclusion of the words “Militia”, “free State”, “keep and bear Arms”, and “shall not be infringed” is accidental in any way.  I have a law degree and a law license but it doesn’t require either of them to read the simple and plain meaning of the Second Amendment.  And for my liberal friends who shout “no means no” when it comes to rape, “not means not” when it comes to infringing on my Second Amendment rights.

I also love liberals who say the Second Amendment only applies to muskets and other “period” firearms.  If that’s their logic, then the First Amendment only applies to hand written documents penned with a feather dipped in an inkwell or documents printed on old-school printing presses.  If you liberals truly believe the Second Amendment only applies to black powder and other old-school guns, I don’t want to hear a single one of you yapping about your First Amendment rights when it comes to email, documents written on computer, or anything you publish on the Internet. Same goes for anything you say over the telephone.

The final liberal idiocy I will mention here is the idea that “Militia” only applies to government  run millitaries. Seriously? Do liberals truly believe that?  I guess they skipped out on their high school government classes.  Our founders wanted to escape tyrannical government – they didn’t want to create one themselves.  Again, if they meant only the government run military would be armed, I am relatively certain they would have written it that way.  Our founders knew darn well the average citizen deserved the opportunity to protect themselves.  I also think the founders wanted it loud and clear, the government shouldn’t be in the business of picking winners and losers by choosing who should and should not be armed.

I think, bottom line, we’re facing a standoff between those who believe rights are inherent simply by being alive.  I’m one of those people.  I don’t believe the Constitution grants us rights.  I believe the Constitution simply memorializes those rights and then protects them from infringement and encroachment by the government or others.  Liberals, on the other hand, believe it is the Constitution document itself which grants rights.  Rights which they believe can be taken away simply by editing the document.

I don’t think our founders planned on the liberal interpretation.  Our Constitution was signed not long after our Declaration of Independence.  Reflect a moment on these words found in the Declaration:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed . . .

That is not the mindset of a group of people saying, “if it ain’t in the document, it doesn’t exist”.

It’s not hard to understand what the Second Amendment means.  Our Constitution was written by founders inspired by earlier documents and philosophies.  Peruse the Magna Carta and the intent of that document to see the stance against tyranny.  Consider the writings of John Locke.  Contemplate why the authors of the Constitution opted for a President instead of a King.  Reflect on why they established a republic instead of a pure democracy. Look at the Constitution itself and it’s emphasis on federalism. It’s not hard.  Seriously, you people should have paid more attention in class when your teacher taught you about our Constitution.

Liberals want to take away or (at a minimum) restrict inherent rights.  Conservatives recognize the inherent flaw in the liberal desire to do so.  I side with the Conservatives on this issue.  I will never understand why liberals want to voluntarily forfeit their own rights and infringe on mine, against my will, for a false sense of security – a modern day 30 pieces of silver.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Gun laws don’t prevent crime.  They just constrain and infringe on the rights of the lawful citizens.  Criminals will always find a route to obtain guns whether those guns are legally owned or illegally owned.  If they can’t find guns, they find other weapons.  I highly doubt there will soon be a movement to outlaw knives, baseball bats, pencils, cars, rope, and fists . . . but who knows how far liberals are willing to go in eviscerating our inherent rights and simultaneously converting a huge number law abiding citizens into criminals with nothing more than a stroke of the pen.