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“Free” College Isn’t Free

Liberals and other slow thinkers are all a twitter about the idea of “free” college. Unfortunately, they have no clue how things actually work in the real world.  People like Sanders are the adult versions of the kids who ran for class president promising free candy, ice cream for lunch, and no more homework.

Here is a very quick explanation about why “free” college isn’t really free.

No, they are not human rights. Sorry.

A FB friend posted the following status:

Universal access to healthcare, education, water and food are essential human rights.  Agree or disagree?  Those who disagree please tell me which of your children will serve as tribute in the next hunger games?

Here is my response:

A right is something that is inherent in being a human being. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are rights. Healthcare and education are not human rights because they cannot be obtained w/out demanding them from another. If I have to force someone (wither the provider or the taxpayer) to give me those things/services without paying for them myself they can’t be rights. I can’t force a doctor to fix me nor can I can’t force a person to teach me. The last two are not human rights, however, the right to access to those things are human rights. I have no right to demand someone give me water nor can I demand someone give me food. However, I should have every right to obtain them whether I shop at a store or hunt in the woods. Healthcare, education, water, and food are not human rights in and of themselves. They are goods and services to be exchanged, quid pro quo for something of value. Don’t get me wrong, I support a lot of charities because I think people need help obtaining these goods and services. But, they are not rights. To make them rights would be to allow others to be forced/coerced to provide them at the expense of others or by having the goods or services paid for by people not in receipt of the goods or services. That is tantamount to slavery and is why every institution of communism has eventually failed.