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Obama, the Battered Woman

After watching a few videos of Obama speaking about ISIS/ISIL and their unthinkable acts; it finally struck me. Obama is acting like a battered woman. (Or battered man, as the case may be when it comes to domestic violence.) We most often think in terms of battered women so, and in honor of Obama’s mom jeans, that’s the term I selected.

After graduating from law school, prior to my decision to get the hell out of the profession as a full time job, I strongly considered working as an attorney for groups providing services for battered women. One of the organizations put me through several interviews. For the final interview, I was to meet with the person who ran the program. As I entered her office, she greeted me and told me she had heard great things about me from my previous interviews with her staff. After a while, I figured the job was a done deal. Then, she asked me one more question.

Now, I don’t remember the specific words she used so I can’t give an exact quote; however, I can give you a version of the question that is very close to the original. Here’s what she said to me: “Imagine you are working with a women who has been the victim of domestic abuse several times. You have assisted her in obtaining a PFA order and she is now living in a secure shelter with her two kids. Several times, her injuries were so bad, she was in the ICU for several days. Every time she was injured, she returned home to her abuser. Except for the last time. She is now safe at a location where her abuser can not find her. Her children are safe and are comfortable in their temporary home where they play with other children of abuse victims. The organization has helped the woman get a job and she is saving her money to move into an apartment on her own.”

The question isn’t finished, but as she’s talking I’m listening intently and nodding my understanding. I’m waiting patiently for the actual question. Here’s the actual question she finally poses: “The woman calls you, after all of the help you have provided, and tells you she wants to return to her abuser. What do you do?”

My independent, individual-responsibility, make smart decisions, don’t be a fool mind knew just what I’d do. My answer was that I’d ask her why she wanted to return and then try to give her reasons as to why she might want to change her mind. I didn’t get the job. The woman stopped me right there and told me my answer was unacceptable. The correct answer was to give her 100% support for her decision to return. My jaw dropped. I asked for an explanation as to why. Her response was, it was more important to keep the woman’s trust by providing non-judgmental, 100% support for her decision than to try to save her life.

The woman then went on to explain that these women are so damaged, they can’t see their abuser for what they are. They think their abusers love them. They think things will be different this time. They think their abuser’s actions are because of something they (the victim) did wrong. They blame themselves for their abuser’s actions. In other words, they can’t think rationally. They can’t begin to fathom that something might actually be wrong with their abuser. They don’t see how people find fault with what their abusers do.

That’s not to say every victim of domestic abuse thinks that way, but my interviewer said it was seen often enough to be the default assumption on their part.  The woman made her point and I respected it.  She had more experience than I did; but, I still couldn’t see it her way.  I could completely understand how repeated abuse could change a person and how they perceive their world and create their own reality.  It was one of the reasons I wanted to help women regain their independence.  However, it still didn’t change my mind about how I’d respond. Obviously, it wasn’t the job for me.  I couldn’t, in good conscience, encourage a woman to return to that environment and take her children with her.

The more I think about it, the more I think Obama is acting like one of those victims of abuse.  He can’t see ISIS for what they are.  He thinks ISIS loves him. He thinks ISIS will act differently this time.  He thinks ISIS’s actions are because of something the USA did wrong.  Obama blames us for how ISIS is acting. He can’t think rationally. He can’t appreciate that the problem is with ISIS.  Not with us.

One thing you see with many abuse victims is how they blame themselves and their imperfections for the actions of their abuser.  The victim rationalizes things.   The victim makes excuses for their abuser.  The victim grow to believe their own imperfections are the reason for the abuse.  But just as with abuse victims, even if we Americans aren’t perfect, that’s no excuse for ISIS to do the things it does.


When Liberals Take Over Christmas

In case you haven’t been listening or paying attention, liberals are proudly boasting their insistence that they have taken over the USA, a conservative will NEVER again be elected to POTUS, and they are now empowered to continue (unabated and uncontested) the “fundamental” transformation of our country.  While liberals dream of a third term for their savior, Obama; I can’t help but wonder how the Christmas holiday will change if (God forbid) those “in your face” liberals are correct.  Here’s what I envision.

  1. Santa will be shutdown for myriad reasons. First, he’s a rich, old, white, male.  According to most liberal stereotypes, that means he’s probably a Republican.  Second, he lives in an area where they think global warming is making an impact.  They must control that land so he’ll need to be ousted by eminent domain. Third, if he can’t be ousted due his mere presence in that part of the world, he’ll be ousted for his carbon footprint. Those elf-run factories must have one hell of a carbon footprint. Fourth, speaking of carbon footprints, Santa is known to leave coal for bad kids. Obama wants the coal industry decimated. What better way than to shut down one of the big coal users? Fifth, Santa is notorious for his flabby, “bowl full of jelly” physique. I’m sure Michelle Obama will shut him down as a poor role model for today’s youth.  Sixth, I’m pretty certain Santa’s workshops are not regulated by OSHA.  Seventh, I like to believe Santa’s workshops are not yet unionized. I’m sure the liberals can make that happen. Resulting in unsustainable Santa-funded pensions and benefits leaving nothing left to make toys for the good little boys and girls. Leading to an eventual shut-down. Eighth, I have proof Santa has, for many years, given toy and real firearms to people as gifts. That will be unacceptable. I could go on and on . . . but you get the point.
  2. Rudolph will be jailed for using an incandescent bulb.
  3. Lights on houses will be outlawed because they waste electricity.  If not completely outlawed, the government will require them to be attached to a Smart Grid so they can decide when the lights are allowed to be turned on and off.
  4. Christmas as a government-endorsed holiday will end because the holiday has a basis in the Christian religion. No more day’s off of work. You’ll need to take vacation.
  5. Gift shopping will become regulated. Only local, fair-trade, green, organic, and/or sustainable items will be available for purchase.  Shopping at Wal-Mart will become strictly prohibited (unless, of course, they unionize).
  6. People who celebrate Christmas will be taxed.  Probably to off-set the union contracted triple overtime or something like that for government personnel who have to work that day.
  7. Fresh cut Christmas trees will be outlawed because of the impact to the ozone. Regardless of how sustainably they are farmed and harvested.
  8. The trend towards outlawing red and green in public schools will become a national mandate (probably by an executive order Obama passes). I’m not making this one up. It’s already happening. Google it.
  9. Stockings will no longer be allowed to hang by the chimney.  That presents a fire hazard.
  10. Candy canes will be outlawed because sucking on them can result in a viciously sharp point.  That point can be used to harm someone.  Schools will hang up “Candy Cane Free Zone” signs to make sure they don’t make it onto school grounds.
  11. All old family heirloom decorations will be confiscated.  They might have lead or other dangerous chemicals if they were produced before the government started to meddle in everything.
  12. Five-pointed stars will be outlawed because they discriminate against Jewish people who embrace the six-pointed star.  Unless, of course, it is a red star which is a communist-embraced symbol.
  13. All Christmas carols and songs will be rewritten by Obama speech writers.  “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” will become “Goddess Rest Ye Merry Gentle Folk”, “Good King Wenceslas” will become “Bad Oppressor Republican”, “Frosty the Snowman” will become “Frosty the Snowperson”, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas” will become “I’m Dreaming of a Multi-ethnic Holiday”, “We Three Kings” will become “We Three Union Bosses”, “Little Drummer Boy” will become “Vertically Challenged Drummer Youth”, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus”, will become “I Saw Daddy Kissing Santa Claus”, you get the point.
  14. Snowmen will be outlawed for two reasons. First, the term SnowMEN is offensive to feminists. Second, the existence of snowmen brings into question the existence of global warming and we wouldn’t want anyone to question that “settled science”.
  15. Use of the words peace and  peaceful will be restricted so they can only be uttered publicly when describing the thugs (sorry, the wonderful humanitarians) at the UN or the Occupy Wall Street people.
  16. Hot cocoa will be outlawed because the cocoa beans might come from countries where they oppress their workers.
  17. Children will no longer be able to leave cookies and milk out for Santa (assuming he hasn’t already been outlawed). Home baked cookies are not subject to government regulation and the milk might be raw milk.  Also, these might accidentally be seen and consumed by a robber who would then be able to sue the homeowners for creating an attractive nuisance.
  18. Gingerbread houses will be outlawed unless they meet all building codes, are union built, and are eligible for Section 8.
  19. All of the “Elf on the Self” elves must approved by the NSA and join a public employee union because only the government is allowed to spy on you and your family.
  20. Letters to Santa (assuming he hasn’t already been outlawed) will be prohibited because of the unnecessary burden on the US Postal Service.

There. That’s twenty. I know there are more.  Fee free to add your own ideas in the comments.

P.S. Ho ho ho . . . and Merry Christmas a little early.